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Re: compiz on aiglx redux

2006/6/29, Kristian Høgsberg <krh redhat com>:

I've revisited compiz on aiglx and at this point, if you're running
rawhide (fedora development), it's a matter of installing the i386 RPM
found here:



Compiz is much faster than metacity on my computer, but there is some
problem. First full screen applications such as mplayer -fs and
gnome-screen-saver flickr heavily, and I cannot input password in the
lock screen dialog, thus I have to kill X entirely. Next the dialogs
are not transparent like in metacity, makes me feel that the widgets
are darker. Finally some pop ups such as floating windows of stardict
dictionary and SCIM input candidates panel are somehow a bit slow
responding. That's all. My graph card is i950 and running rawhide.
Pre-built RPM crashes but a rebuild makes things work fine. The window
decorations are not as nice as metacity but I like the transparency.
When will it enter FE or core?

bbbush ^_^

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