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Re: layout of FC5 (and previous) CD's

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 10:08 -0600, Eric Brunson wrote:
> I tried to do as close to a minimal install as I could by de-selecting 
> every thing I could in ananconda and ended up needing all 5 CDs.  FC-4 
> was nice for building servers because I could boot and install a minimal 
> system from CD 1 and then yum update and install up-to-date packages 
> that I needed from the repos.  Trying that with FC-5 was extremely 
> frustrating, watching the (in my opinion) totally un-necessary 
> dependencies required from CDs 3, 4 and 5, for example bluez-libs sticks 
> in my mind as something I just had to roll my eyes at as I wondered what 
> on earth it was going to load off CD 5. 

I call BS on this.  Even a default install, one including Office stuff
from that first selection page never asks for anything beyond 2 cds.
And if I remember correctly, the asking for CD 2 was a bug we failed to
fix, it doesn't actually grab any packages from said CD.  If you
deselected everything, theres no way it should have asked you for more
CDs, you've ended up selecting something.

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