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Help! fc2->fc5

Hi all,

I tried to upgrade my FC 2 system to FC5. For some reason, the installation/upgrade process stopped, I retryed several times, but haden't success. The installation is thus broken.
I decided to upgrade the packages manually. Now two questions emerged.

1. Graphical package installation (pirut?) doesn't work, seems it cannot find repository data. How can it be told to "look into" the installation cds? Is pirut the tool I need to use? (manual installation/upgrade is a bit difficult: deps).

2. Tried to compile a kernel module for my lt winmodem. insmod won't load the module, exits with interesting error messages. Has anybody tried such a blasphemy under FC5?
Kernel is 2.6.16-1.2080 (Yes, because of nvidia...)

aha! and a minor question: Release notes mentions, that fc5 doesn't support serial mice. Now my broken installation uses perfectly my old mouse (serial, of course), which is very
good. Is there an "official" possibility to use serial mice?

Thanks in advance
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