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Re: Help! fc2->fc5

On Friday 05 May 2006 03:11am, Avi Kivity wrote:
> Leon wrote:
> > You will be better off doing a clean install. There are issues even
> > upgrade from FC4.
> What are the issues? I upgraded two machines (using yum upgrade) from
> FC4 without trouble. I'd like to upgrade our server next (reinstallation
> is not an option) and would like to avoid any known issues.

Then you need to upgrade from FC2 -> FC3 -> FC4 -> FC5.

Also, don't do "yum upgrade", use anaconda, booting from a CD instead.  Using 
"yum upgrade" there are 20 some odd "corner cases" and such that are not 
handled (things about the changes between FC4 -> FC5.  Anaconda knows these 
things and gets things right.

I had excellent results upgrading my FC4 notebook to FC5 using Anaconda.
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