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Re: Heads-up: Requiring PAE for running Xen

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 02:07:59PM -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> As we move forward with Xen enablement, there's a desire for
> being able to access more than 4 gigs of RAM on 32-bit Xen hosts.  The
> options for handling this are
> 1) Another kernel.  This is bad due to 
>    a) we're running out of CD space already
>    b) keeping things matched up between the HV and the guest kernels
>    c) migration is worlds of pain with two types of kernels
> 2) Switch the 32-bit xen kernels to require PAE.  For most "current"
> non-laptop hardware, this is a non-issue.  It does mean that xen won't
> work a lot of earlier PentiumM laptops

How do I know if my laptop if affected? :)

> 3) Do nothing, tell people to use 64bit if they want more than 4 gigs of
> 4) Make the PAE code handled at runtime.  This is a pretty non-trivial
> amount of work :)
> Given these, we're looking at going with #2 and thus only having Xen
> work on PAE-capable hardware in the development tree.  And we're
> planning to try to execute this switchover the beginning of next week.
> Note that this will not affect bare metal installs at all.
> Jeremy

Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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