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Re: Future Fedora Development

David <david jamison1 ntlworld com> wrote:
> Thanks for all the comments.  Just a few points and comments.


> To me this is bang on message.  My vote would be to have the initial
> install go either one of two ways.
> a. As previously mentioned design Anaconda to have hardware detection
> built in and install accordingly.  I suppose the issue here might be
> achieving 100% detection of hardware.

Would be nice. But then again, the people I know with "limited hardware"
are just in for /very/ personalized installations (i.e., setting up a
router, firewall, file server, print server, ...)

> b. If it were possible move the main distro down to 1 disc per the
> second option above and then YUM everything else.  This Im guessing
> presupposes users have access to a reasonably fast internet connection
> and some knowledge of thier requirements.

Most people around here don't have "reasonably fast internet
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