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AW: AW: Still much more than 350 sockets needed!

So here I am again. Sorry for letting you wait. I figured out where the
limit is reached. I wrote a small program that opens reusable UDP
sockets (not TCP as I was told lately... please excuse this lack of
essential information, I'm very sorry) in a 'forever'-loop and tries to
send some dummy text over them. After about 28140 open sockets the
program quits with the errormessage:

sendto: resource temporarily unavailable

So this is what our software does. But just after only 350 open UDP

Does anybody know what it means and how we can break this limit?

The machine where this fedora is running on is a Dual XEON 64bit system
with 1gig of RAM.

Hope this helps helping me finding a solution... ;) I'm sorry for
forgetting some informations!

thanks a lot for any kind of help!

Hendrik W.

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