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Re: Back to 6 month schedule?

tir, 23 05 2006 kl. 19:41 +0200, skrev Leszek Matok:

> If not us, who's going to report bugs back to them, then? After FC5
> release I saw _only_ FC5 users posting on GNOME's bugzilla about bugs
> I've seen. In less than a month we got many updates, one of them
> incorporated a patch made by myself on my fresh FC5. I'm not an every
> day Fedora or GNOME developer, but the open-source model worked this
> time. Who knows, maybe the 2.14.1 release would have the bug still there
> without FC5 being so bleeding-edge? If you're so scared of testing the
> x.y.0 releases, just wait a month from next Fedora Core release for the
> updates to appear, then use it happily :)

I haven't run a stable release of any OS in years, I like bugreporting -
everyone needs a hobby right?

My main reason for pushing for going with a follow up release of GNOME
is that I'm a translator and I've seen serious time issues on the team
I'm on to catch up with all the work for the point zero release -
however for the follow up releases nearly all active teams reach a level
we could call supported (+90% translated and reviewed). Speaking of
which, it would be really nice if the Fedora translations where exposed
in a similar low entry level fasion as is done on l10n-status.gnome.org.

- David *babies hate me* Nielsen

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