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Re: NetworkManager system-wide use

Dan Williams wrote:
On Fri, 2006-05-26 at 06:19 +0000, Kevin Kofler wrote:
FYI, I found this while browsing the accepted SoC applications:

If this is completed, work should be done on WiFi key handling: currently,
NetworkManager will ask the user for the WEP or WPA key of the wireless
network it connects to every time it connects, which isn't very
user-friendly. As Gentoo allows one to configure wireless network settings
in /etc/conf.d/wireless, the keys could be retrieved from that file. Some
changes to NetworkManager's core will be necessary to support this though,
which implies one can't be sure it'll be accepted by the core maintainers.
Looks like you can take this off your TODO. :-)

Sort of...  We've already got plans in this area, but of course if
somebody else wants to fix it, that's great :)


See the top item there.  We're not necessarily going to be pulling keys
from config files here; instead it will be a slightly larger scoped
solution.  The idea here is to do it right, not just hack in a shim over
the existing (somewhat-broken shellscript hacktower hell) config stuff
that many distros already have.


Sorry for the slight digression, but can someone explain to me why
NetworkManager has a dependency on wpa_supplicant?  Not all
wireless networks use WEP/WPA (some are wide open).  Further,
not all networked machines (like my desktop) have Wireless NIC's.

It would seem to be an unnecessary (and unfounded) dependency.


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