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Re: Recent AIGLX Breakage?

On 5/31/06, Thomas J. Baker <tjb unh edu> wrote:
At first blush, being a bling fanboy, I thought it was just too much
translucency and could be tweaked. The more I think about it though, the
more I lean towards menus not being translucent at all.

Transulency in any layering textual element that users are expected to
read is a usability killer.. full stop.  Being able to sort of read
the desktop underneath the text in an semi-transparent open window,
just means you can sort of not read any of the text at all.

Down with transulency in functional information display contexts. Keep
that crap where it belongs, window dressing for flavor-of-the-day
media player "skins."

--jef"pines for the days for the sanity of a userbase who prefer
unfocused wireframes over transparency by default to avoid a mismash
of unreadable layers of text garbage, when there are 3+ layers windows
open.. instead of the mad rush to shove transparency into every aspect
of the default visible display in an effort to prove to everyone that
the system has the capability to do it.  The fascination with
transparency in an Xwindows system is like watching a 21 year old go
out for their first legal night of drinking and abuse alcohol to the
extremes of bodily endurance and then having to report the work at 8
am and be productive. Look at us! We can now drink our fill of
transparency.. chug chug chug!!!!!! "spaleta

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