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Re: [RFE, Patch, Multi-lib] 32bit support /usr/bin/firefox

There is no arch support for requires in RPM. Therefore you have to add a virtual provide to the firefox package:

Provides: %{name}.%{_arch}

and add the requirement to the dependant package:

Requires: firefox.i386

Warren Togami wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:
On Monday 13 November 2006 00:37, Warren Togami wrote:
Can you think of a way to make a firefox.i386 dependency specifically if
this is a x86_64 arch package?  I can't.

Have file requires on one of the 32bit libraries. Only the 32bit firefox would supply that library.

This doesn't exactly work in the case of firefox, because it uses versioned directories. And AFAIK none of the other things owned by the package is unique to firefox.i386.

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