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Re: Kernel PCI Scan Bug - No feedback 8 days after bug submittal(reposted with newlines)

"Dave Jones" <davej redhat com> wrote in message 
news:20061115031647 GR6591 redhat com   
> On Tue, Nov 14, 2006 at 07:25:19PM -0500, Charles Butterfield wrote:
> > I've had what seems like a fairly serious kernel bug related to PCI
> > scanning open for over a week, with no hint that anybody has read it,
> > triaged it, etc.
> chances are, that no-one has read it or triaged it.
> There are currently 696 FC5 kernel bugs open, and 208 FC6 kernel bugs 
> open.
> The number of people actively working through those bugs you can count
> on one hand.
> > Some feedback would sure be nice.
> I'll get to it (unless someone else beats me to it) eventually.
> Dave

Dave - Thanks for the feedback.

1) I was kind of worried that I had messed up the bugzilla posting with the 
    incorrect subsystem diagnosis (Xorg vs kernel).

2) Is this something that can just be kicked upstream?  I would (naively) 
think a
   discrepancy between /proc/bus/pci/devices and /proc/bus/pci/xx/* would be
   a clear "OOPS" for whoever maintains the pci part of procfs, which I 
   think would be Fedora specific.

3) Am I correct in assuming that the referral to the upstream kernel folks 
must be
    done by a distro developer?  That seems to be the gist of a message on 

- Charlie 

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