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Re: X in FC7

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 10:46:45AM -0500, Adam Jackson wrote:
> Numbers would be a fantastic thing to introduce to the discussion here, 
> if anyone has them.  I'm generally not fond of handwavey performance 
> decisions in the name of low-end machines without some proof.

That might be difficult.  How many such systems are still alive, and
are still capable of running X?  :-)

> I can personally attest that at least for the OLPC machine, which has a 
> pretty crippled FPU, the performance problem for font rendering appeared 
> to be the rendering itself, and not so much font load and metric time. 
> But I don't have numbers immediately at hand to back that up.  (And OLPC 
> ended up dropping xfs for footprint reasons anyway.)

Keep in mind that I was talking about 11-12 years ago, when nobody (I
knew) had >100MHz systems.

Why did (does?) font rendering block all other operations in the X
server anyway?  That was the real source of the problem.  (For all I
know, this could have been fixed a decade ago though.  I had a FPU in
all my systems, so I never cared that much.  ;-)

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