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Re: Xfce 4.4 call for testing

>>>>> "Arthur" == Arthur Pemberton <pemboa gmail com> writes:

Arthur> So far so good. Although I haven't really been able to think
Arthur> of much to do on the machine.

Can't help there. ;)

Arthur> Four things however:

Arthur> 1) The screen saver defaults to lock out mode - not sure if
Arthur> that is adviseable

Well, Xfce just launches xscreensaver for you, that must be the
default for xscreensaver out of the box?

Arthur> 2) There is no editor selected on
Arthur> install...and it gave no suggestions (from panel) 3) There was
Arthur> no no terminal selected intially. But then it allowed to use
Arthur> xterm, from the system menu. The panel still doesn't recognize
Arthur> this decision.  4) I know there is a much nicer terminal
Arthur> available for XFCE, I remember using it a year or so ago. It
Arthur> would be nice to have that.

Yeah, the default panel has 'mousepad' as the editor, 'Terminal' as
the terminal program, 'Thunar' as the file manager program, and
for web it will launch exo-open to ask for your pref for webbrowser.

Unfortunately, exo only has preffered applications for web browser and
terminal. I guess I can change the Terminal launcher...
The other applications are not installed by default. ;(

The Xfce terminal program is called (the very generic) Terminal. :)
It's very nice. Has pretty much all the features of gnome-terminal and
konsole with less memory footprint. ;)

You can right click on any of those panel launchers, select
'Properties' and it will let you set them to anything you like.

Arthur> Will let you know if anything else comes up.

Excellent. Thanks for the testing... I really appreciate it.

Arthur> Peace.
Arthur> Thanks for the good work.

Thanks for the testing,


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