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circular dynamic dependencies and rpmlint

(not much luck on fedora-extras-list, reposting here)

Short version: are 'undefined-non-weak-symbol' rpmlint warnings acceptable when you have dynamic libraries circular dependencies within a project ?

Long version:

When a dynamic library links with symbols from another dynamic library, you'll typically add the dependency on a LDADD line in Makefile.am, so that the resulting .so file will show the other library explicitely in its 'ldd' listing, and everyone is happy. Now the LDADD line is optional: without it the dynamic library has undefined symbols that will be resolved at run-time, albeit with a (small?) performance cost.

Now when the 2 dynamic libraries each link with each other symbols, you cannot have a circular dependency in automake, so one of the 2 libraries
will have undefined symbols. And rpmlint will complain about that. Under
the circumstances, can the rpmlint warning be considered false-positives, or is there a way to patch the automake files to prevent the undefined symbols ?

For reference, this affects

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