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Re: Cross-compilers.

Andy Green wrote:
Sure, hence "so autotools can run on your target". The issue is pertinent though if people think about a truly crosscompilable distro, Python and Perl at least will cause a lot of trouble. Although of course if they are helped through it everyone would benefit.

Step 1: Get cross compilers into Fedora in some official capacity
Step 2: Resolve cross compilation build problems in individual packages.

I suspect there are dozens of people/organizaions who have their own cross compilers already. Likewise, they have their own fixes for the cross compilation failures of packages such as Python and Perl. We need cross compilation to be more common before those patches are going to make it back into the problem packages.

Fedora package configure options as they are would also be extremely fat on most kinds of embedded hardware.

Many kinds, anyway. Suppose it depends on at what point you think of the hardware as being embedded. Fedora (plus custom kernel) runs fine on a Kurobox, for instance. I wouldn't want to recompile it natively, though!

-Brendan (blc redhat com)

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