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Re: wake-up from suspend

>>>>> "John" == John DeDourek <dedourek unb ca> writes:

John> Dan Horák wrote:
>> I am seeing the same behaviour on Quanta ZW9, it has Intel chipset
>> and Ati graphics.  Dan
John> It would be useful to know which "Ati graphics" chipset you
John> have.  /sbin/lspci will tell you what the OS is seeing as the
John> graphics chip.

John> We have two IBM/Lenova T42 laptops: one has ATI 7500, the other
John> ATI 9600.  The 7500 suspends to RAM and resumes nicely; the 9600
John> suspends, but comes back with a blank screen, for both X and the
John> console windows.  The machines is otherwise "live" as witness
John> that it is possible to do a CTRL-ALT F2 to gain a text console;
John> login as root; and execute "shutdown -h".  All, of course,
John> without seeing what you are typing, so you need to use the
John> keyboard very carefully.

I have a T42p with a 9600 in it. 
It works great on suspend/resume, but you must add: 


to your kernel boot line in grub.conf. 
If you don't do that you get a blank screen on resume. 
Perhaps you could try that? 

John> If anyone has some pointers to useful information gathering
John> techniques for this problem, I would be interested.

Try acpi_sleep=s3_bios. 

It's working great here. 

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M10 NT [FireGL Mobility T2] (rev 80)

        Manufacturer: IBM
        Product Name: 2378RVU
        Version: ThinkPad T42p


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