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Re: Any chance of getting Firefox 2.0 into rawhide/FC6?

David Nielsen wrote:
I would also challenge your notion that Fedora never pulls in beta
builds, I seem to recall Chris pushing such builds on us in the past
provided we could be absolutely sure the final product would hit early
enough not to conflict with our feature freeze.

Yeah, I pulled in Deer Park alphas and betas this time last year. I'll update to the 2.0 RC after FC6 is branched away so that we can get it into rawhide. It just won't hit FC6.

I think Chris does a remarkable job keeping our Firefox package up to
date within a development cycle and updates from upstream rarely lag
behind by much even for our stable branches.

Thanks.  I try.

Upstream provides builds with crash collection, if you really need the
alpha builds that badly and want to help out making it stable you could
run their build in parallel with the Fedora build maybe?

Sounds like a good idea, though I would *very strongly* suggest using a
different user account/profile to do so. Any bugs need to get fixed upstream first anyway, so initiative here is welcomed.

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