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Re: License problem with JPGraph

Steven Bakker wrote:
On Fri, 2007-04-06 at 08:17 +0200, Aurelien Bompard wrote:

I'm the maintainer of JPGraph in Fedora (a php graphing library). I thought
its licence was QPL by reading this:
but apparently I misread it and jpgraph is only Free for non-commercial use.
JPGraph used to be fully QPL a long time ago, but that changed.

Actually, the text reads:

        JpGraph is released under a dual license. QPL 1.0 (Qt Free
        Licensee) For non-commercial, open-source or educational use and
        JpGraph Professional License for commercial use.

So QPL applies for (non-commercial || open-source || educational) use.
I'd say Fedora fits in the "open-source" category.

It might. However the wording appears to attempt to classify open source along with non commercial and educational sort of projects while it might very well be used commercially or be part of a larger commercial product.

Considering what we have things like EPEL, we definitely need a clarification from the authors.


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