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Re: New developer

On 4/6/07, Vlad <vladc6 yahoo com> wrote:

> I'm a C programmer pretty comfortable with Qt4 and willing to write
> applications.

Given your background, you might be interested in improving KDE's
integration into Fedora. Currently, almost all of the administrative
applications are based on GTK+, and running these applications inside
a KDE session isn't memory-efficient, wastes disk space, and leads to
incompatibilities. Some possible projects include:

A PyQt / PyKDE frontend to Anaconda:

Using the Adept GUI installer with RPMs

Guidance for system administration (display configuration, user
accounts, disk mountpoints, service configuration, etc):

KIO FUSE to enable commandline apps to access virtual filesystems set
up under KDE:

Making KNetworkManager use KDE Solid hardware interface:

It would be nice to have a KDE Fedora spin that is fully
self-sufficient and that doesn't need GTK+ apps. So if you could help
further this goal, it would be great.


Please don't suggest the recoding of the system-config-tools just for
the sake of using Qt ... or did I misread you?

Fedora Core 6 and proud

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