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Re: New developer

Bernardo Innocenti <bernie <at> codewiz.org> writes:
> > Or if you hate packaging, you could just use my packages to develop some
> > nice KDE 4 app and have me or somebody else package it for Fedora.
> Is there a yum repo for these?

As I said, they are in the unstable repository at kde-redhat.

> I'm surprised RPMs are already being distributed, because I'm building
> KDE4 from sources quite often and it's a very lucky day when the SVN
> checkouts build at all.

I took the 3.80.3 developer snapshot, that one is at least known to compile. I 
then cherry-picked a few bugfixes from current SVN and backported these.

I'm not going to upgrade wholesale to a new snapshot before Alpha 1.

> So far, the result of starting kde4 apps ranged from "crashes immediately"
> to "opens a window that doesn't respond to input". This includes core
> stuff like Konqueror and Kicker.

Konqueror 3.80.3 starts up with one of the patches I backported. (In unpatched 
3.80.3, it would only work if you give it a URL to open, otherwise it crashed 
immediately.) It's possible some other changes in current SVN broke it again, 
but 3.80.3 with the patch works.

Kicker is deprecated and being replaced with Plasma, so it probably shouldn't 
be expected to work. I don't recommend running a full KDE 4 session yet anyway, 
instead run KDE 3 (or even GNOME) and then fire up the individual KDE 4 apps 
you want to try out inside that session. My parallel-installation patches 
should make that work seamlessly.

Now, there's definitely a lot of stuff which is still buggy. The packages are 
in "unstable" for a reason. But they're good enough for their intended purpose, 
which is to allow developing apps using the KDE 4 libs.

        Kevin Kofler

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