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Re: New developer

"Arthur Pemberton" <pemboa gmail com> wrote:
> Please don't suggest the recoding of the system-config-tools
> just for the sake of using Qt ... or did I misread you?

The best way is to develop GUI-independent backends that can be used
by frontends written in Qt, GTK+, or even ncurses. This approach is
taken by (K)NetworkManager, HAL/Solid, (K)Ubuntu's Ubiquity installer,
Guidance (yes - a PyGTK frontend is on the way) and could very well
work for Anaconda and other Fedora-specific tools. This way the core
functionality is shared, while the users have the GUI of their choice.
There are clear benefits to using apps made with the same toolkit as
your desktop: less memory used, less disk space used, faster start up

If KDE is going to be supported by Fedora, it might as well be done


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