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Re: New developer

Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> It is not worth the effort for Anaconda and many other tools.

Sure, if you think KDE users aren't worth having an efficient Fedora
system. Loading two different graphic frameworks at the same time
wastes memory/diskspace, slows down startup time, and leads to
graphical inconsistencies. For people with low-end hardware that makes
a huge difference.

> There are other KDE focussed distributions which have used GTK based
> tools like Mandriva.

That's a suboptimal solution, originating from a lack of foresight in
designing those applications to separate the core functionality from
the GUI components. I would point to K/Ubuntu as an example where
desktop integration is tackled correctly: for every system tool there
is a KDE or GNOME frontend to be used on the respective desktop, and
the core functionality is shared in a common backend.

> If you disagree put in the effort.

The only reason I mentioned the lack of KDE frontends for system tools
in Fedora is that a potential developer with Qt background asked where
he can help.


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