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Re: yum wont upgrade noarch -> arch-specific

On Sun, 8 Apr 2007 15:17:46 -0500, Michael E Brown wrote:

> Had a conversation with seth on irc, and it looks like this is a
> multilib bug.
> In the meantime, I have made a workaround for this by releasing
>     firmware-addon-dell-1.2.11.fc6.1.noarch.rpm 
> and
>     firmware-addon-dell-1.2.11.fc6.1.{i386,x86_64,ia64}.rpm
> So that people who are on multilib systems will get the updated code.
> Should hit the repos tomorrow.

Bears a huge risk of not giving expected results.


  -> noarch
  -> i386, x86_64

Only highest EVR will be published. The noarch build won't make it into
the repo, since it's older.

And even if both builds (both src.rpms and their binary rpms) were
published, the i386 users would get an update to the i386 build and not
the [older] noarch build. Which is not what you wanted when you switched
to noarch plus ExcludeArch. Only the x86_64 users would get the noarch
package if they have an older noarch build installed already. Else they
would get the x86_64 update. It's better to get Seth's patch applied to
fix yum.

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