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Re: Mirror/server RFE: Do not remove old kernel from updates.

Dnia 09-04-2007, pon o godzinie 15:59 +0300, Gilboa Davara napisał(a):
> vmware-server dies a horrible death
> (taking the host with it) when combined with kernels >= 2.6.19.
> Now, I'm left with a problem
I'm not affiliated with VMware, but it's obvious for anyone who have
ever used their free products, that:
contains vmware-any-any-update*, which makes VMware server compile even
under -rc series kernels and is updated pretty often.

Anyhow, supporting old versions of software indefinitely, because they
can break some proprietary other piece of software, is totally against
Fedora goals. Go to VMware and make them put their modules into the
official kernel or learn how to fix things yourself (which in this
particular case is very easy, thanks to VMware, which aren't that evil
after all).


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