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Re: Mirror/server RFE: Do not remove old kernel from updates.


On Apr 9, 2007, at 15:59, Gilboa Davara wrote:

As for me, I'm back to the original -core kernel (2798?) waiting for a
vmware fix... :(

This is actually old issue already. (.../linux/config.h disappeared among
other things with 2.8.19 and some other macros changed which broke
quite a buch of drivers)

You can use following unofficial patch to fix it.


If you install brand new (Vmware) system, you need to
first try vmware-config.pl and once it starts prompting you
that your kernel is /usr/src/linux/... just interrupt it with ^C,
unpack the above archive, enter the directory and start
runme.pl. That will solve the issue.

Oh, and  the vmware-tools-any*.tar.gz is for fixing the
client (emulated vm) side tools.


:-) riku

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