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sysctl is using deprecated syscall

Hi there,
  I'm trying to resolve the following bug:

The problem is that any attempt to read a deprecated sysctl ends up
with kernel warning in the log. Thus "sysctl -a" produces warnings and
since "sysctl -a" is used in init scripts
(/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/init.ipv6-global), there are warnings
in log on every boot...

It's nothing serious of course, but I simply can't decide what's the
best solution:

1. Leave sysctl as is and update the man page -- so user would know
that "sysctl -a" may produce warnings. And fix the scripts, eventually.

2. Do as proposed in the bugzilla: keep a table of deprecated values in
sysctl, ignore these values when run with "-a" parameter and mention
this in the man page. (Upstream maintainer refuses to accept this so
we would have to maintain the patch.)

3. Something else?

Could you give me some hints what would be the best according to you?

Tomas Smetana

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