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Re: iwlwifi working anytime soon?

On 4/10/07, Andy Green <andy warmcat com> wrote:
Tom London wrote:

> I can verify that it is not working for ipw3945 on Thinkpad X60 either
> using NM or manual....  (Fails to associate).
> Seems to get confused about frequency; reports my .11g out as .11a, etc.

I have seen it show this for iwconfig while it is scanning through all
the a/b/g channels in the background.

>> From some posts to ipw3945 list, appears there are some patches that
> put some -Wext functions into the stack.....
> I've been testing with each new Rawhide kernel, and then reinstalling
> ipw3945 driver/daemon.

Why don't you try these instead:



OK. Downloaded/installed 2.6.20-1.3048.2.1.fc7.jwltest.7.

I can associate with non-WEP/non-WPA network (thanks Google!) using
NM, but cannot associate with WEP network.

I vote for these bits to go into rawhide.....

Tom London

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