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Re: iwlwifi working anytime soon?

Andy Green <andy warmcat com> wrote:
> Thomas J. Baker wrote:
> > Would anyone in the know care to speculate if iwlwifi is going to work
> > anytime soon? It's been in the kernel for a month or so (at least it
> > feels like a month) and has never worked for me and many others. From
> > the kernel changelogs, it doesn't seem like much is happening with
> > it.

> Has been working since it was first introduced here, on a WPA
> network. It does have problems but it is okay for normal browsing and
> downloading.

In /var/log/messages it says it is skipping all (?) channels as Tx
only. iwconfig says wlan0 isn't associated, "iwlist wlan0 scan" warns it is
version 20 while the driver is version 22 of wireless extensions, and that
the network is down (wireless-tools-28-1.fc6, clearly out of date).

As a result, I'm using vanilla kernel + ipw3945 driver + ipw3945d to use
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