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Re: iwlwifi working anytime soon?

KH KH wrote:
I wonder if this isn't a problem with wireless-tools that hasn't been updated for Fedora 7 mac80211 based devices may uses WE-22 but Wireless-tools version 28 can uses up to WE-21. We may need to get Wireless-tools updated to 29 (.pre17) and get all the wireless stuff rebuild to uses this new lib ( libiw.so.29 )...

Nicolas (kwizart)
I am currently testing zd1211rw_mac80211, it seems to be functional, with the exception of the problem mentioned above (wireless-tools out of sync).

Does anybody know if the firmware will be included in the Fedora distribution or do we still need to download it from the third party to make it work. I thought the firmware for zd1211rw is freely redistributable; therefore, acceptable for inclusion to Fedora repo...

It would be nice to get the curent status of the firmware.


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