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Re: OLPC - torrent?

On Wednesday 11 April 2007 08:02:59 Josh Boyer wrote:
> That confuses me greatly.  They have changes that are not in the Fedora
> packages themselves.  Did the Board approve that?

They didn't need to as OLPC doesn't call the operating system "Fedora", nor 
are any of the logos in use.  The bootup still says "Welcome to Fedora" but 
that's just because they haven't yet created their own "redhat-release" like 

> If I make a spin with packages/changes not in the Fedora package
> collection, can I get a jwb-spin torrent hosted?  If not, then why is
> OLPC special?

You just might be able to.  Chris Blizzard asked the infrastructure/board 
folks if he could host some torrents with us for OLPC builds.  We 
collectively reviewed it and said yes.  The same could happen for your spin, 
although that maybe a bit too close for comfort.  OLPC is far far far more 
than just a spin of Fedora, it's truly a derivative for a specific 
application, the Xo laptop and the suger interface.  This is really the 
endgoal for a lot of what we're doing in Fedora, to see such derivatives 
created to scratch their own needs, get as many of their acceptable changes 
upstream as possible and grow the mindshare around the Fedora software base.  
I think it's perfectly reasonable that we would offer some torrent hosting 
for such derivatives should they need it and request it.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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