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Re: Did i just made the fastest dependency checker in the world? (198 packages in 1.5 seconds)

On Wed, Apr 11, 2007 at 07:03:49AM -0700, Otto Rey wrote:
> Is there any "spec" or "documentation" of version checking and dependency checking?
> IMHO to change, add features or reimplement existing tools or projects. we need documentation, like developer-readables-mini-rfc's  
> Read source code to extract logic will produce mistake's , specially with different languages.

IME, every developer agrees with that, and no developer wants to write
it.  Even worse, when they do write it, the assumptions are often
wrong about what is clear/already known and what isn't.  So it's often
better when someone else does the documentation.  Which almost never
happens.  Add to that the fact that writing good documentation is a
skill by itself.

So, well, UTSL like everybody else :-)


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