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Re: Did i just made the fastest dependency checker in the world? (198 packages in 1.5 seconds)

Mark wrote:
forgive me if i sound hard but:
do you really need proof to see that the dependency checking is a highly time consuming thing.
i just did a yum update.
i had a 100% cpu usage for a few minutes during the dep checking. that`s _TOO_ much for just a update. (oke.. this is a update of 148 packages but still)

it just seems overkill for me.. specially now that i know that it can all be done in well under a second in a logic way :P

You _don't_ know that. What you are doing might be logical in a simplistic way but it just doesn't deal with a lot of real world cases. When you actual start dealing with all of the logic that is required to solve the dependencies properly you would lose the speed advantage that you currently have.


PS: Avoid top posting.

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