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Re: DeltaRPM works great on Fedora Core 6 (yum presto plugin)

On Mi April 11 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:

> It is still not something I want to do to a released product, or even
> Fedora 7 after the feature freeze.  The generation of the delta rpms, the
> layout, the use of the plugin, etc.. these are all codepaths that need more
> exposure/testing during an open development phase.  I think it's great that
> you guys have gotten it to the point it is now, and I really look forward
> to seeing it get wider use once we start up Fedora 8.  I just don't want to
> add new features/functionality into 7 and 6.

With the plugin already beeing in Fedora Extras 6, the feature is already 
there. Also Nearly every new Extras package is also built for the supported 
releases and not only for devel, so there are always new features and 
functionality in stable releases. And when the plugin is tested in devel, 
then the delta rpms and mirror layout has to be generated, too. So the only 
differences are, whether the Fedora 6 / 7 or devel rpms are used for the 
generation of the delta rpms and an extra directory for the different 


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