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Re: A couple of serious questions

On 4/12/07, Kelly <lightsolphoenix gmail com> wrote:
I'm somewhat interested in the answers to a few questions, after watching some
of the discussion on the list.  Now, seriously:

1)  Is there sufficient interest in having the system-config packages split
into data and GUI components so there might be Qt/KDE versions in the future?

-1 : subjectively wasted time and resources, doubled work, negligible benefit

2)  If so, would people be more interested in it integrating into the KControl
menu, or into a separate menu (system-control-center)?

+1 : if this _must_ be done, or if the votes say "yay", at the very
least it should be done under KControl

'Cause I happen to really like writing in Qt, and I'll do it if there's
sufficient interest in the idea.
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