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Re: Yum-presto 0.3.9 - FC6 *and* Rawhide

Michael Wiktowy wrote:

For the second group of users, keep a diff from the last update to the
current one for each package. The replacement of these would be a
little more complex to avoid losing delta updaters when multiple
updates to the same package happen in a very short period of time. You
would have to decide what is a reasonable amount of time to allow
people to apply updates. If updates to a package happen multiple times
within this time period, keep them all and let them get deleted as
that time window passes.

I like this way of making sure a rapidly released series of updates to a single package does not void the entire point of presto. This is pretty much the scenario I was trying to accommodate with "all possible deltas" but I realize that this is much better for the mirrors and diffs for really old packages may not make enough sense anyway.

How about making the window 14 days? I personally tend to update every day, but not all people do.

I am not sure what format of diffs presto can handle now, but it would
likely be better for the source and mirrors if the multiple
incremental updates were kept in the format A->B, B->C, C->D, etc.
instead of A->B, A->C, A->D, etc. That way, when a new update comes
out, only a new file has to be generated and mirrored. Presto would
have to know how to download and chain together a bunch of diffs to
bridge versions though.

This would be cool, but given the packaging overhead (whatever that may be) this will probably decrease the delta efficiency, potentially by a great deal. In some cases this could certainly work, however.

Just my thoughts on an excellent project.



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