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Re: packaging thunderbird and firefox extensions as RPM in Fedora

Christopher Aillon <caillon redhat com> writes:

>>> My feeling is if there are extensions with binary components, it
>>> makes sense to package them, but for pure Javascript/XUL extensions,
>>> it's probably easier to let users just install them directly into
>>> their account for now.
>> Manual installation of extensions is a pain when you want the same
>> firefox setup in different environments (home, work, laptop). Doing
>> 'yum install firefox-...' is much easier.
> I disagree that manually typing anything is better than just clicking
> on an .xpi and having it work.

??? It takes me 5 seconds to get the list of actual extensions (rpm -qa
| grep ^firefox-) and further 60 ones to install them on a remote host
(ssh ... 'xargs yum upgrade -y').

I am in doubt that you can open firefox in this time and find the correct
download side for the extension in the google search results. And this
for 15 extensions...

>> Security is another issue; I trust an rpm package from an official
>> repository more than a lousy, unsigned xpi from an ip-only webpage
>> (e.g. TBP).
> Trust and security are different.

Yes, trust is a requirement for security.


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