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ConsoleKit question: USB device interfacing libs

I have a question about ConsoleKit which I haven't found answered anywhere, so 
I'm asking it here (not on fedora-test-list because this is a 
development/packaging question):

When packaging a library which interfaces to pluggable peripherals through 
libusb, in order to make it work out of the box (i.e. make the peripheral work 
out of the box for the user physically in front of the computer ("console 
user"), who's assumed to be the owner of the pluggable peripheral), on Fedora 
Core 6, the following files are used:
The udev rules recognize the devices by their manufacturer and device IDs and 
create a symlink with a recognizable name, the console.perms.d rules then tell 
pam_console to chown devices with those names to the console user. (See libnjb 
and libmtp in FE6 or libticables2 at repo.calcforge.org for examples of this.)

My question is: Does the above still work on Fedora 7? Or does the introduction 
of ConsoleKit change the picture there? If it's the latter, what changes?

        Kevin Kofler

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