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Re: Getting to a final F7 feature list

John Poelstra wrote:
John Poelstra said the following on 04/17/2007 09:38 AM Pacific Time:
Now I'm off to check in and update status for each of these: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/7/FeatureList If you are a feature owner and can get there first that would be a big help.

I'll send a summary once I am done.

Thanks to everyone who updated each feature with a status.

I added one of three descriptors to each feature on the wiki page summarizing the features for F7.


IN == A good portion of the feature (or more) is completed and is already in F7
OUT == Feature will not be completed in time for F7 and is not in F7
UNCERTAIN == Status of the feature is unclear or I was unable to determine if the feature is in F7.

I think Fedora Directory Server would qualify as PARTIAL rather than OUT. The base system is in after a number of patches and extensive review to make it fit into the Fedora packaging guidelines. Though the gui parts are not in yet I think we need to acknowledge the work done better.

Similar situation for RANDR. The framework is in and Intel driver supports it.

Yum enhancements planned are already in. Whether they have a significant boost in performance or not is a entirely different question.


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