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Re: Updates-testing on firstboot

On 4/19/07, Chris Brown <snecklifter gmail com> wrote:
Hi folks,

Following a discussion on whether to move to 2.6.21 for FC6, Dave Jone's made what I believe to be rather a good suggestion, namely offering updates-testing as an option on first-boot - probably at the Additional CD's stage. Dave has suggested "Would you like to test experimental updates?". Possible caveat here.

Now I realise _additional_ options at install is not possibly what people want but thought I'd punt it out seeing as we're all not doing anything important at the moment :) Pros and Cons:

+ Updates-testing gets advertised and used more for its intended purpose
+ We get a middle ground between rawhide and updates
+ We catch silly errors with packaging etc

- Another option to confuse, befuddle and otherwise annoy the fledgling user (I'm playing devil's advocate here)


I agree but  warn the user that it might be broken, blow up his box etc.
so that only users who know what there are doing enable it.



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