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Re: Updates-testing on firstboot

On 20/04/07, Will Woods <wwoods redhat com> wrote:
On Thu, 2007-04-19 at 20:09 +0100, Chris Brown wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Following a discussion on whether to move to 2.6.21 for FC6, Dave
> Jone's made what I believe to be rather a good suggestion, namely
> offering updates-testing as an option on first-boot - probably at the
> Additional CD's stage. Dave has suggested "Would you like to test
> experimental updates?". Possible caveat here.
> Now I realise _additional_ options at install is not possibly what
> people want but thought I'd punt it out seeing as we're all not doing
> anything important at the moment :) Pros and Cons:
> + Updates-testing gets advertised and used more for its intended
> purpose
> + We get a middle ground between rawhide and updates
> + We catch silly errors with packaging etc

I definitely want updates-testing to be easier to enable, but I don't
think adding another firstboot stage is the answer.

It seems like a bad idea to ask everyone who installs Fedora "Hey, do
you want to test these experimental, possibly-broken updates?" I don't
think most folks really want (or need) to be aware that updates-testing

On the other hand, with repoman[1] being available in F7, users will
have a simple one-click way to turn on updates-testing[2]. We just need
to make sure we do a better job of telling people what it is and why
they might want to use it.

Probably it should be mentioned more prominently in the Testing pages
and on the Bug Reporting pages. Everyone should know that the first
thing you do when you hit a bug is check updates-testing to see if
there's already a fix available.


[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/237170
[2] http://homepage.mac.com/wgwoods/fedora/screenshots/repoman.png

The functionality itself looks good - is there any reason this is not being integrated into Pirut? This would seem the most sensible place to put this. Is it in the default install?

The current situation with updates-testing is that bug fixes tend to get pushed straight into updates. Updates-testing gets little coverage so few devs or testers use it. Its a vicious circle. A cursory glance show some packages are over 5 months old.


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