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Re: Rawhide update problem - kdebase and lftp

On Thursday 26 April 2007 12:03:57 Michael Schwendt wrote:
> lftp-devel was a temporary mistake in rawhide. To upgrade to the latest
> lftp, just "rpm -e lftp-devel" as this package has been removed again.
> kdebase-kdm is non-existant, too. It does not exist in FC <= 6 and does
> not exist in rawhide either. The kdebase %changelog does not mention any
> kdebase-kdm sub-package.
> So, both are non-issues and only temporary breakage in rawhide.

Would not a Obsoletes/Provides lftp-devel solve this problem for lftp?  We 
wanted to have a working upgrade path in rawhide, some from day one, me from 
later test releases, but it is still a goal.  Would not this change provide 
that with little impact?

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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