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[Fwd: Re: [Autogen-users] options.h not in fc6 rpms?]

This also failed, trying again:

Ron Arts wrote:
> hi,
> I have an additional question. If I install autogen-devel, there
> still is no options.h to be found. should I generate it somehow?
> Thanks,
> Ron

Hi Ron,

I am sorry to say that I use SuSE meaning that I do not know what is
in which package, except by what people tell me.  My recollection
is that I was told that autoopts/options.h lives in the autogen-devel


Paul Johnson maintains autogen-on-fedora, so I'm forwarding this
to him for comment.  Thank you, Paul.

Regards, Bruce

P.S. _I_ generate options.h when I pull from the source repository
     in a bootstrap step.  If you wish to tweak and regenerate for
     some reason, you'd need to pull CVS from savannah and run the
     config/bootstrap script.  You don't want to.  ;)

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