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Re: Licensing guidelines changes

Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
Today, FESCo ratified a new policy for handling the License tag inside
of package spec files.

You can read the new Licensing Guidelines here:


What does this mean for Fedora package maintainers? It means that you're
going to need to do a little bit of work. We want F8 packages to have
the correct license tag before we release F8.

I have some questions missing from the QA part you posted. What about freely redistributable but not modifiable contect, does that get:
"Freely redistributable without restriction"
"Redistributable, no modification permitted"

And since content and firmware AFAIK are sort of the same exception, shouldn't these 2 be made more consisty, and shouldn't the latter thus be:
"Freely redistributable without restriction, no modification permitted" ?

Also do you really want me to rebuild a couple of 100MB + noarch packages just for this, wouldn't it be better to just update the devel branch in CVS, so any new package build in devel gets it, and let any scripts do their querying on the files in CVS devel-branch instead of on rpms?

Last, you do realize this will effectively cause a mass rebuild? Is this a good moment in the release cycle for this tool-chain wise, or maybe packages should start updating the tags (which is most of the work), but hold off building until another moment?



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