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Re: kqemu inclusion in kernel

dragoran wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Paul Wouters wrote:
On Thu, 2 Aug 2007, Dave Jones wrote:

A much better way to get this stuff into Fedora is to find out why
it isn't getting upstream, and get involved with whatever cleanup
work is necessary to get it there.

Upstream (of which a lot of people are working at RedHat as well, so
telling them to go upstream is kinda moot) often don't even start to
listen. There is no politics in the kernel, because kernel people are
just not enganging in an discussion at all.

Who even submitted these patches upstream to start engaging in a discussion?

in case of kqemu nobody... seems qemu upstream isn't really interessted in doing this.

So all the harping on about whether Red Hat developers are involved upstream or not, kernel politics etc is irrelevant. Red Hat kernel developers wouldn't prefer discussing patches to the kernel here either.

If anyone is really interested in getting Kqemu in the Fedora, encourage the Kqemu developer to submit his patches to LKML instead of focusing on getting the Fedora kernel maintainers to patch the kernel.


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