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Re: please enable XFS in anaconda

Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Thu, 26 Jul 2007 16:32:30 -0500
> Dan Yocum <yocum fnal gov> wrote:
>> It's stable, widely tested, widely deployed, and 
>> it's being actively developed and maintained (which is more than can
>> be said of some other filesystems that remain in the default list).
>> It's in the kernel, it shouldn't be "hidden" in the depths of
>> anaconda anymore.
> How's the SELinux support these days?  And why can't I boot from xfs
> yet?

Not addressing either of these questions directly, but with regard to
overall quality of xfs in F8... I ran the xfsqa test suite on
2.6.23-0.71.rc2.fc8 over the weekend.  Of the "auto" test group (those
expected to pass reliably), 90 of 93 tests passed (this after fixing a
quota bug I found & fixed over the weekend).  Of the 3 failures, 2 are
"harmless" - i.e. no data corruption, security issues, or anything like
that - one is a bleeding-edge allocator feature not working quite 100%,
another has to do with slightly different log traffic pattern due to a
recent change w.r.t. the expected output.

The "real" failure has to do with mmap writes into preallocated space;
I'll look into that as I have time.

just FYI,

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