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Re: Kernel Modules in Fedora -x

Jarod Wilson wrote:

The place I want it is as a 3rd member of a RAID1 set that is used for
the pooled file storage for backuppc - which hardlinks all identical
files it finds across your backup set.  This is extremely busy during
backups and takes an impractically long time to copy with tar or other
file-oriented means because of the way hardlinks are re-constructed
(many days for a 250 gig drive), while a raid-sync will complete in a
couple of hours.  There's probably a better way to do that now with LVM
snapshots but that's getting off the topic of reliability.

Wait... So you're essentially creating a cloned volume on the firewire
disk via a raid resync, rather than having the initial backup written
with the firewire disk connected in the raid set? If so, that's
moderately amusing... :)

The object is to make copies that can be rotated offsite weekly and that's the first way I found that actually worked. In earlier attempts I tried to use one internal, one external drive as a mirrored set, just failing/removing the external drive and adding a different one periodically. That didn't work well because the drive would frequently be marked as failed even though it really didn't have a problem, and on any reboot it would have to be re-synced manually. Also while trying to do it this way I had an actual failure on the internal drive which took some contortions to recover. So, I created a 3-member raid1 with one device specified as "missing" and now have 2 internal drives that run mirrored all the time and at weekly intervals add the external drive and wait for the sync. Then I momentarily stop the backuppc service, unmount the drive, fail the device in the raid, and remove it. I can then access the external drive with a laptop and could do disaster recovery restores without any other special equipment. Backuppc's compression/pooling scheme crams about 700gigs worth of archives on the 250 gig disks that I am using and it beats trying to find things on tapes. But, for some reason the drive works fine for the 2+ hour sync procedure but will generally fail out of the raid if I forget and leave it connected through the nightly backups. My guess is that it isn't doing as many retries on soft errors or timeouts as a raid member as a standalone device would.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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