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Re: mutt + sidebar patch

Karel Zak wrote:
> Mutt is the best e-mail client. The sidebar patch is the best mutt
> extension (I daily use it for last two years). See screenshot,
> download src.rpm:
>    http://people.redhat.com/kzak/mutt/

Mutt maintainer Brendan Cully had this to say about the sidebar patch

"This is very likely a problem with the sidebar patch, which is not
well-written. Try reproducing the problem without the patch applied."

I used the patch ages ago and found that it caused numerous crashes in
an otherwise stable mutt.  Perhaps it's iproved since then, but
Brendan's comments don't give me a lot of confidence. ;)

[1] http://marc.info/?l=mutt-users&m=118279988010823&w=2

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