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Re: support for ATI R500 (ex Re: rawhide report: 20070808 changes)

tor, 09 08 2007 kl. 08:07 -0500, skrev Mike Chambers:
> On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 07:20 +0200, David Nielsen wrote:
> > > A friend of mine asked me to package the experimental free driver for 
> > > ATI R500 (which I did, see 
> > > http://wolfy.fedorapeople.org/xf86-video-avivo/; incidentally, the 
> > > package works for him) Are there any plans to include support for this 
> > > chip in the mainstream package xorg-drv-ati package  ?
> > 
> > I think Adam Jackson has avivo driver rpms on his people.redhat.com
> > account still, maybe combining the effort would mean we could get it
> > into Fedora as the "will eat your kitties" experimental type deal, kinda
> > like nouveau is included atm.
> I don't think that driver is up to par yet, or even works on most of our
> systems just yet (at least it didn't on the last package Adam put out).
> And he said he wouldn't include it in rawhide until it started to work,
> even if it was only one system.  So far I don't think it has yet (I
> think pciids are the problem, not sure).
> Maybe ajax can chime in on a quick status of this driver.

I meant more for developers, I've heard from certain people that what we
do with regards to nouveau is helpful for development and testing for
upstream as it makes it easy to roll git snapshot rpms which upstream
can point testers to and thus avoid manual compiling and patching of
core components. I'm not at any rate encouraging people to actually rely
on either driver but if the impact of being a smooth platform for either
team to use is small in terms of effort for us I think we might consider

Naturally both drivers should come with the "fairly likely to eat
babies" warning label like all experimental, opt-in, pre alpha or
unsupported piece of code we ship does. 

- David

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