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Re: Enabling Compiz by default?

On Fri, 2007-08-10 at 01:46 +0200, Rudolf Kastl wrote:
> 2007/8/10, Dave Airlie <airlied redhat com>:
> > On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 19:05 -0400, Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
> > > On 08/09/2007 06:18 PM, Alan Cox wrote:
> > >
> > > > Compiz is too buggy to use - its still hopelessly broken with java menus
> > > > and you'd want to use one of the actually maintained compositing managers
> > > > instead.
> > >
> > > Which ones?
> > >
> > > Ubuntu Gutsy will have Compiz fusion by default.  And they're fixing
> > > bugs to reach this goal.  We could benefit from their work, or
> > > reinvent the wheel by going a different route.
> > >
> >
> > Ubuntu aren't doing any work on fixing the technical problems with
> > compiz, if they turn it on on gutsy it'll be on nvidia binary drivers
> > only. Otherwise  things like 3D apps and movie playing will get
> > seriously screwed..
> >
> > They are benefiting a lot more from the work Red Hat are doing than we
> > will ever benefit from them.
> >
> > Dave.
> >
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> > fedora-devel-list redhat com
> > https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-devel-list
> >
> Well personally i am all for pushing compiz fusion as fast as
> possible. Actually i have todays git checkout running on rawhide and
> it wfm.
> What would certainly help is a list of issues and a goalsetting what
> really has to be achieved to be able to enable it as default without
> having too much breakage.
> A working noveau driver that does aiglx fine and the r500 driver
> imported into rawhide (and push it towards reliability with aiglx)
> would for sure a neat first step in achieving the goal that it works
> for most users out there.

The work krh and I have been doing on the X/DRI layers to enable 3D
redirection and also the work I've been doing with cworth to make EXA
fast are possible two of the major bodies of work required to get a
composited desktop useable - note I didn't even say compiz, just to make
any compositing manager work properly with 3D and screen resizing.

tbh nouveau and r500 aren't really even on the radar as far as we are
concerned yet, Intel is the only manufacturer to have given us enough
info to actually fix the problems we are encountering, so Intel hw will
get the stuff going first from our pov.. I think we might do radeon
second as I should have enough info to get a decent system going, but
r500 doesn't even have dri yet so getting aiglx is a bit of a big step..
and nouveau hasn't gotten texturing yet so same issue.


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